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Elk in forest overlooking field


We are accepting bulk meat and whole carcass! Please bring all wild game to 2805 York Road for processing

Due to staffing, we are making the following changes for the 2023 hunting season:

All contact for wild game will need to be done at the store.  We will not be able to have both locations open this year.

Hours of operation for wild game will only be during normal store hours at 2805 York Road.  M-F 9am to 6pm and Sat 10-2

 What we can take:

 Carcass animals – Must call for availability.  Because of short staff, we will be limited on how much we can take. We do not want meat to go bad because we cannot get to it.

Bulk Meat must be CLEAN and ready to go into burger or sausage – MUST BE CLEAN AND READY TO GO.  If it's not clean we can not take it.  It can be dropped off at the store at 2805 York Rd during regular business hours for the store. Please bring all wild game to 2805 York Road for processing.

Thank you for your understanding.



Wild Game Check-in & Pick up at 2805 York Road

Tizer Meats Helena, Montana
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